Earn a FREE 6 Week Transformation Challenge!

This challenge includes 18 or unlimited group classes! Earn a FREE 6 Week Transformation Challenge 
for accomplishing your goals. Fill out the form to enter! 


To get Started

TAKE THE FREE 6 Week Transformation Challenge!

Join our FREE 6 Week Transformation Challenge! Including before and after photos, body fat testing, weekly weigh ins, measurements, nutrition program, heart rate monitor, group personal training, 18 group classes or unlimited group classes available.

What's included:

-All TRX Classes, Bootcamps, & Yoga Classes

-Included Nutrition Programs & Guidelines

-6 weeks duration

-Includes a MyZone Belt

-Group Personal Training Sessions


Why Functional Workouts?

We want to give you simple and effective workout movements that you will use in your everyday activities.

Don't just take it from us...


For themselves!

"My goal is for everyone to have a positive experience with health & fitness when training at Results Fitness Training."

-Scott Binder. 

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